Build enterprise private or hybrid cloud with a solid infrastructure


Clouds come in all shapes and sizes. They help power your business by enabling other digital technologies, such as social media, mobility, big data and advanced analytics. Cloud technologies are enablers of your business goals.


  • Security: remains a concern for cloud users and is complicated by the challenge of integration. A cloud integration solution must be capable of authenticating and authorizing access to resources, both in the cloud and on-premises. Moreover, it needs to be able to encrypt and store data (particularly in a multitenant environment) and comply with different regulations. With the growing number of SaaS applications, mobile apps and social media services that need to access enterprise data, there must be a secure means of connecting the cloud to the enterprise without compromising the firewall.

  • Flexibility and Scalability: Point to point integration solutions can provide basic SaaS to SaaS connectivity, but they are not sophisticated or flexible enough to handle more complex scenarios. Cloud solutions must be able to support a variety of integration flows moving in both directions across the cloud and enterprise and scale up as the number of endpoints increases.

  • Management: For enterprise users, SaaS applications offer convenience and ease of use while shifting the burden of maintenance and upgrades to the provider. The trade-off, however, is that users have much less visibility and control over their SaaS applications. Cloud solutions should include rich monitoring capabilities in order to provide the visibility and control over information flows and other performance attributes currently lacking in SaaS applications.


  • Open Platform: Some SaaS vendors have started to offer out of the box connectors to address the challenges of deploying a cloud strategy. Ideally, cloud solutions should be open platforms that allow enterprises to easily migrate on or off and seamlessly integrate their applications and data. 

  • Hybrid cloud is a holistic approach to the consumption of IT. It is about matching the right solution to the right job. Public cloud, private cloud and dedicated servers are combined and work together seamlessly as one platform. 

•    By leveraging the benefits of hybrid cloud, your business can reduce the overall total cost of ownership and improve cost efficiency. 

​•    Making the move to hybrid cloud could be the biggest step you take towards future proofing your business and remaining innovative.

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