Gözen Pass

Electronic Travel Document Control
  • Collecting and scanning passenger travelling documents

  • Compatible with three types of digital scanning products

  • Checking the originality of scanned travelling documents through the Gözen Security database

Watch List Scanning Support

Automatic Watch list scanning of the airline passenger identity information through the watch list obtained from security authorities and airlines.

Secure Flight Solutions
  • Capable of collecting reservation data from the airline's reservation system. Enables data transmission and processing compliant with the relevant country's security authority regulations. 


    APIS Quick Query (AQQ) and APIS Pre­Departure ability on behalf of the airline, vetting passengers against APIS (Advance Passenger Information System) and handling the related Secure Flight processes.

Pre-Departure security operations

Capable of collecting reservation data from airline's reservation system and ability to actualize Secure Flight operations compliant with the relevant country's security authorities (DHS, CBSA...)

APIS AQQ (Advanced Quick Query)/ ESTA Processing
  • Fully compliant with CBP’s regulations. APIS data using the batch interactive and APIS Quick Query functions are compliant to handle specific ESTA response (CUSRES). Special validation developments for mandatory and optional data fields.

TSA Secure Flight Passenger Processing
  • Compatible with Secure Flight regulations for US and Canada international flights.

  • Capable of handling Qualifed Changes on passenger data (Change Passenger Data) and informational changes on Flight Itinerary (Cancel, Change Flight etc.), Unsolicited Message notification and acknowledgement.

  • Flight Close out messaging functionality.

  • Special validation developments for mandatory and optional data fields.

Common Airline industry formats (UN/ EDIFACT, IATA PNL).

Includes modules for generating relevant message formats approved by country's security authorities (DHS, CBSA) and IATA.

Support Watchlist Scanning

Supports automatic and quick watch list scanning, manually import outsourced lists obtained from TSA, CBP, CATSA, and CBSA to the Gözen Security Services database.

Travel Document Sufficiency

Verification of travelling documents; provides advice on border requirements to security companies, airlines ensure that passengers have sufficient travel documents for their destination and any transit points.

Gate Module for Boarding Pass Scanning / Pre-boarding

Recheck and match the Boarding Pass flight information of the related airlines flight at the gate; if necessary, guide the passengers to the correct gate.

Advanced Travel Document Scanning

Ability to scan passports with various types of scanners and obtain passengers’ passport information from scanned MRZ text.