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Year-on-year passenger traffic growth, coupled with the need to guard aviation infrastructure against rapidly evolving and varied threats – both physical and cyber – mean that airport security has never been more important. Gözen uses innovative and effective technologies combined with skilled manpower to protect these vital global transport. 


Gözen Systems offer a wide range of technological products and services that address different management levels: strategic, tactical and operational. Our combined expertise on application portfolio rationalization, business process services and digital technologies enables us to offer targeted solutions for the airline industry.

Flight Training Organizations

SIMORG simulation center management solution, training pilots for commercial air operators in accordance with the principles determined under the framework of the national and international regulations.


Gözen Systems Hospitality team provides expert data, voice, network and cloud solutions. We help you assess, design, procure, build and manage your technology infrastructure. We understand your unique challenges and guest service demands and deliver solutions that focus on positive outcomes to ensure an exceptional guest experience 24/7.


Gözen Systems has been developing travel software for more than 14 years. Our rich experience is backed up by innovative solutions implemented for a variety of travel business models: online travel agencies, tour operators, airline companies, meta-search portals and destination management companies.

Simulation Centre Management Software


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