Open Stack

IaaS Platform


Traditional infrastructure provisioning tools rely on onsite administrators for routine tasks like provisioning and decommissioning of computer, storage, and network resources. This adversely affects business agility and scalability, while increasing operational expenditure. Legacy infrastructure landscape is often associated with larger capital outlays, as the licensing cost is high and options for scaling-up are limited due to vendor lock-ins.


Gözen offers end-to-end consulting, design, deployment, and support services for the OpenStack cloud platform.  OpenStack IaaS enables business users to scale up infrastructure through self-service and orchestration, by automating routine infrastructure management tasks. Our services include:

  • Assessment: Map OpenStack services to business requirements, determine conditions for multi-vendor coexistence and integration, and identify risks

  • Planning and design: Elucidate the architecture design and run book, bill of material, and deployment and migration plans

  • Implementation: Enable the deployment of infrastructure and OpenStack, and integrate with existing systems

  • Migration and support: Accelerate workload migration and testing, and enable smooth handover to steady-state support

  • Lower infrastructure cost: Save up to 30% server infrastructure costs

  • More choice: Avoid vendor lock-in

  • Maximize system availability: Ensure 99.5% availability with virtualization and strict SLAs

  • Enhance business agility: Enable self-service capabilities for quick provisioning

  • Improve workforce productivity: Use automation for mundane tasks

  • Boost ROI of existing investments: Reuse components, enable faster decommissioning